What is a Celebrant?

A guest blog post by Midlands based Celebrant, Sharon Gordon.


Ceremony and Ritual

Every culture has it’s own special rituals and ceremonies that have been passed down through the generations and which they take part in to celebrate major life events.  Ceremonies that usually stir deep emotions in you when you take part in them.

Rituals and ceremonies don’t stay the same forever.  They’re often adapted over time to suit changing circumstances, beliefs and opinions.  To continue having meaning for you it’s important that your ceremonies are relevant to your current beliefs and lifestyles.

As religion has come to have less meaning to the lives of many people these days, religious ceremonies are not always the first choice when you celebrate your important life events.  But of course you’ll want to mark major events with an important ceremony of a kind that means something to you and reflects your personality and lifestyle.


What does a Celebrant do?

A Celebrant creates personalised symbolic ceremonies and rituals which mark and celebrate all milestone life events from birth to death.  This could be welcoming a new baby with a naming ceremony or celebrating the coming together of a blended family with a ceremony written especially for the occasion.  They also create and officiate symbolic wedding ceremonies and farewell ceremonies.

Celebrant created wedding ceremonies are written just for you.  They’re bespoke ceremonies that celebrate your love story and reflect your unique style and personalities.  Each one of you comes from a different background, has different beliefs, your own likes and dislikes, your own distinct personalities.  And so, your ceremony won’t be the same as anyone elses.  Your ceremony will celebrate your unique love story as it unfolds in a relaxed and intimate way, from the day you first met up to your engagement.  It can be romantic, quirky, and if you like, there can be some fun and humour thrown in too.

There are no boring, dry ‘official’ or ‘legal’ words that must be included as it’s a symbolic ceremony all about you.  You won’t be repeating the same words as thousands of other couples.  You are also encouraged to write your own wedding vows from your heart.  They mean so much more to your partner as they come from your authentic thoughts and feelings.  They can be as romantic or fun and quirky as you want.  And can you imagine how you’ll feel when you hear those words for the first time on your wedding day, that your partner chooses to express deep feelings and to make lifelong promises to you?


Sarah & Jack’s Wedding at Elmbridge Farm

Where can I have my Symbolic Ceremony?

There are absolutely no rules or regulations to restrict the time or the place of your Wedding Ceremony.  You can get married indoors or outdoors, overlooking a beautiful view, beside a lake, in a natural wooded area, in a forest, on a hilltop, in an orchard, in your own garden.  A tipi ceremony, a barn conversion, on a farm, in a historic house, an industrial heritage building, or a swanky venue like your local botanical gardens or stately home.  Wherever you want it.



Will I be legally married in a Symbolic Ceremony?

The legal bit is usually done separately with a short visit to your local register office the week before or after your Symbolic Ceremony.  You will need 2 witnesses and it currently costs around £60 and takes 30 minutes.  The legal formalities are now taken care of, leaving you free to have your personalised symbolic wedding ceremony and celebration in front of your family and special friends.


Sarah & Jack’s Wedding at Elmbridge Farm

Is it like a ‘real’ Wedding Ceremony?

It is most definitely a real Wedding Ceremony.  it’s a celebration of you, your love and your commitment to each other going forward in your life together.  You and your partner will speak your own personal wedding vows written from your hearts.  It will be totally bespoke and include music that you’ve chosen, readings or poetry that you’d like included and any special rituals you want to take part in.  You can include your family members in the ceremony too if you’d like to – including children or your pet dog!  It will be totally personal, unlike the legal bit at the register office.

If you’d like your wedding vows to follow more traditional lines that is perfectly fine too.  And if your partner comes from a different background or culture and you’d like to celebrate this by including a wedding ritual, or a religious element that means a lot to them, of course you can include it.  Anything is possible at a Celebrant crafted and officiate wedding ceremony.


Gaining popularity

In recent years symbolic wedding ceremonies have become more and more popular.   Modern couples like to do things their own way without restrictions.  If you like the sound of this and would like to ask any questions, or want to talk to me about your wedding ceremony, get in touch for a chat.  I’m always here to help you.

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