Woodland Wedding Venue

What is a woodland wedding?

A woodland wedding provides a unique and natural ambience. At Elmbridge Farm, we have one of the most spectacular woodland wedding venue's whereby you can enjoy your special day in our beautiful outdoor setting with your friends and family.

Enjoy the fresh outdoor air and really be at one with nature on your special day.

Feel free to find out more about us and take a look at some photos of our venue by clicking on our gallery!

Why are woodland weddings unique?

Woodland wedding venues are unique because of the fact they are set outside in natural and peaceful surroundings with breathtaking views that make for incredibly memorable photos. Some people wait years for their special day and want them to be just right, exclusive woodland weddings are a great way to make sure that you remember this day for the rest of your life.

Having your ceremony surrounded by trees showing off their bright autumn colours creates an incredible romantic and elegant atmosphere.

What themes work well with woodland weddings?

Most people can agree that the theme of a wedding is extremely important and it should most definitely be connected to the setting. Therefore, if you are getting married at Elmbridge Farm, which has one of the most beautiful woodland wedding venue's, then maybe a nature theme could be a great idea, since it would coincide with the environment.

Another great way to embrace the theme of woodland venue would be to decorate with tree slices, wildflowers.

Invitations, napkins and coasters with leaf patterns also seem to be a very popular choice.

How can you decorate a woodland wedding? How can you be creative with flowers?

It's known that choosing the decorations for your special day is one of the most enjoyable parts about planning a woodland wedding. The little details that you include are really important in creating the kind of ambience you desire for your guests and family. They also really need to reflect your style and the style of your wedding day.

Lining the aisle with flowers is always a good choice!

If you would like some inspiration, please feel free to take a look at our gallery.

Why are outdoor weddings practical?

Woodland weddings can be really practical if you choose the right month. By choosing a month whereby you hope the weather is going to be appropriate in terms of temperature and also the way that the venue will look can allow your special day to go perfectly. Alternatively, ceremonies can be carried out inside the tipi instead of the woodland if the weather is wet on the wedding day.

Outdoor woodland weddings are practical because they allow for fresh air instead of lots of people crammed into a stuffy room.

Why is Elmbridge farm so unique? Why should you book with them?

Elmbridge Farm is unique because we are known for our spectacular and picturesque woodland wedding venues. Our service is top quality and we are here to make sure that your exclusive woodland wedding goes exactly to plan.