Why is the West Midlands a great place to get married?

The West Midlands is a place full of history, culture and beautiful countryside. It is home to some of the largest Cities in the United Kingdom and is an area that has been on the rise in recent years.

Getting married at a weddings venue in the West Midlands makes sense on both a practical level and also aesthetic level. In terms of practicality, the West Midlands is based pretty much in the centre of the country which makes it easier for friends and family that may be travelling from opposite ends of the country. Although, I'm sure your loved ones would travel anywhere to see you on such a special occasion as your wedding day.

There are multiple train stations dotted around the West Midlands which again makes travelling for friends and family that may not be able to drive, much simpler.

For any loved ones that may be travelling from abroad, the West Midlands has Birmingham International Airport which is only a 40 minute drive to Elmbridge Farm.

As is the case with most large wedding venues in the West Midlands, they can be a long and tiring day for travelling guests. As for those who may want to unwind and have a drink at your wedding, they will be unable to drive home at the end of the night. This issue is easily resolved with Elmbridge Farm being known to have one of the most beautiful and unusual wedding venues in the West Midlands with Cottages available for guests to stay at. This makes Elmbridge Farm the perfect venue for your travelling guests to hang their shoes up at the end of the night, knowing that they will be recharged and ready to travel back the next day. You can have a look at the cottages we have to offer as a part of our venue on our website!

What are the wedding facilities that the venue offers?

Elmbridge Farm is recognised for its unusual wedding venues in the West Midlands. Having your special day at a venue that offers beautiful countryside views creates a spectacle that won't be forgotten and makes for spectacular wedding photos.

With a maximum guest capacity of 200 people, Elmbridge Farm is the perfect place to share this unforgettable experience with your loved ones at a scenic and unusual venue.

During the summer, not only is the venue at Elmbridge Farm beautiful, but it has its practical advantages too. For weddings that take place on a hot day, you can imagine the discomfort that guests will endure from being inside a church or hall. Choosing a small wedding venue in the West Midlands such as Elmbridge Farm can provide a spectacular experience whilst being outside in the fresh air.

Why should you speak with Elmbridge Farm to book a tour and start your wedding journey today?

Contact us today to find out more about us and get a tour of our beautiful venue. This will allow you to take a walk around and see if you get the right vibe from our outdoor setting.

At Elmbridge Farm you can choose your own caterers and other suppliers to make your special day just right for you. You will endure nothing but top quality customer service from staff who genuinely care about the couples getting married.

We only offer a select amount of weddings each year as they are on an exclusive hire basis.