Self Catering Weddings

Weddings can be the most important day in a person's life. Sometimes weddings are planned for years because they need to be done just right down to every last little detail. A critical aspect of most weddings are the guests with their entertainment, food and drink being at the top of the list.

Self catering wedding venues are very popular and with good reason. Self catering wedding venues west midlands allow you to have complete control over the food that is being served at your wedding. For example, you might be hoping to serve a completely different cuisine at your wedding than is on offer from the venue themselves. When you opt for self catering wedding venues the list of foods you could serve is endless whilst you can also choose the timing of when the food is served.

Majority of the time, wedding venues will offer set menus and that's it. If you opt to have your own catering company from your local area, their job is to provide suggestions that you may never have thought about before that could either save you money or be a big hit with the guests.

Another advantage of choosing self catering wedding venues near me is that it can allow you to cut the costs down if you felt that the catering costs that other wedding venues had on offer were simply out of your budget.

A scenario that is often seen with weddings is that a friend of the couple has offered to cater for everyone at the wedding for a cut price. Without a self catering wedding venues near me, this would not be possible.

Another aspect of self catering that a lot of people forget about is the setting up the tables and decorating. Deciding to go for self catering means you have complete control over who sets up the tables and the layout of the room. You could either choose staff that your self catering company has to offer or opt to do it with friends and family which can often be seen as a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

Why should you choose Elmbridge Farm?

Elmbridge Farm is known for its beautiful settings both inside and out. The outdoor setting paints a magnificent woodland picture that is matched by the wooden bar, flooring and dining furniture inside the tipi. The wooden style allows for you to decorate the space in whichever way you want whilst providing a natural and scenic aura for your guests. The perfect set up for self catering wedding venues. Have a look at our venue to see just what we mean when we say beautiful!

Why should you speak with Elmbridge Farm today about your wedding requirements?

At Elmbridge Farm, we genuinely look forward to meeting all couples that are considering having their wedding at our venue as we love to get to know them and discuss what their ideas and plans are. We have so much experience in what we do and will do everything in our power to make your special day go exactly as planned. Contact us today to have a look at our venue and discuss your wedding requirements!