Mental Health Matters – we’re fundraising!

Elmbridge Farm is set in 60 acres and right now, they’re pretty well trodden! In the name of fundraising for mental health charities, Amy and Dan are walking ONE MILLION steps each in 12 weeks – we’re six weeks down and going strong! The aim is to raise £2,250 for two incredible mental health charities. We’re part of a wider group of 100+ fundraisers aiming to raise a collective £150,000.

Mental Health Matters…

In the UK alone 1 in 4 people experience mental health challenges at some point in their life, it affects men, women and young people and 1 in 15 of these will attempt suicide. Three times as many men as women die by suicide and more than 1 in 10 children aged 10 -15 say they have no one to talk to when they need support. 

We are supporting two incredible charities, that work tirelessly in this complex and growing area. The Lucy Rayner Foundation and StrongMen provide immediate, life-changing and saving support to young people and men experiencing mental health challenges in that critical moment of need.

StrongMen aims to support men following bereavement. Grief can cause severe emotional and physical health conditions which are often overlooked and even ignored, especially in men. This is an ingenius charity which sets up ‘Weekenders’, retreats where groups of men have the opportunity to relax and enjoy beautiful remote surroundings whilst engaging in conversation and physical activities in a safe, secure environment with other men with shared experiences. Grief not only affects the individual, it also impacts those around them. When men return from the Weekender Retreat as a stronger more positive person, that benefits them, their family, friends, colleagues and their community. The target funds by the collective 100+ fundraising group will pay for 150 life-changing weekend retreats.

The Lucy Rayner Foundation aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression and mental health challenges, especially in young adults, and to facilitate change in the way mental health is being perceived by society. Lucy Rayner took her own life aged just 22. This life changing event inspired her family to begin campaigning about the mental health challenges faced by young adults, and they quickly found that the support and help available to recognise and treat young adults with mental health challenges is woefully inadequate and significantly underfunded. One of the key things the Foundation offer are free, immediate counselling sessions to help children suffering with mental health. Our fundraising project would provide 500 immediate counselling sessions. Imagine the impact this could make to individuals as well as wider communities.

So here we are, clocking up those steps tirelessly, asking you to please support us as we aim to raise £150,000. Remember this will pay for over 500 young people to have immediate counselling sessions provided by The Lucy Rayner Foundation and 150 life-changing weekend retreats provided by StrongMen.

Help us to help these charities who one day someone you know will need to use to ensure no one has to Suffer in Silence. Together we can make a dent in this growing issue.

All donations large and small are hugely welcome. Thank you ☺