How to Style a Tipi Wedding

How to decorate a tipi for a wedding is a question we are asked a lot by our brides and grooms (OK, brides!). Often couples have a clear idea in their mind about what they want their space to look like but are unsure where to start with it, how to budget for it and how to find the time to do it. Others find it tricky to decide on a style – not surprising given the reems of inspiration out there on Pinterest and Instagram. So, here’s a few pointers for styling your tipi wedding.

  1. Start with mood boards – Head over to Pinterest and get inspired. What fits your ideal vision for the day? Start with several different styles which you might like such as Boho, Vintage, Rustic, Woodland to name a few. In deciding on a style, check that it is going to work with the type of dress or suit which you, your partner and the bridal party will wear. If you want to wear a ball gown and a tux, are you happy to be sitting on hay bales? Remember, you can combine complementary styles (vintage-rustic, boho-woodland). Make sure you’ve involved your partner at this stage and agree on the overall theme.
  2. Next, choose your colour palette – What sort of tone appeals to you? Muted and soft? Bright and bold? Simple whites? Tipis provide a blank canvas backdrop which literally suits any colour palette so it just depends on what fits your personality. Again remember to consider how you and your bridal party will be dressed as you will want the same tone carried out from your attire to your venue styling.
  3. Consult florists – Along with the bridal attire, its flowers that really set the colour palette and look of a wedding. Flowers vary substantially in price as well as availability during different months of the year. Consult a florist and they should be able to make suggestions for your theme and colour palette and even help you choose it.
  4. Compliment the space – What does the venue have which you can decorate? At Elmbridge Farm we have a ceremony arch, lake bridges, wine barrels, cake tables and more which look effective decorated in any given style.
  5. Hire more props – Let’s face it most of us don’t have the artistic skill or time to make the decorative items and props we see on Pinterest…but luckily there’s plenty of hire companies out there that do.
  6. Consider your budget – Before you go off buying 500 rare orchids, an antique gramophone and a ten foot floral wall, consider the budget for your wedding and how you want to spread it. What are the essential items that you need and how will your style be brought out in these items? For example a table plan, the cake, guest favours.
  7. Enjoy it! Don’t get too wrapped up in the small details. The tipi itself is stylish and atmospheric and the landscape of the farm is simply idyllic. Market-bought flowers displayed in jam jars and a few milk churns dotted around make a simple and beautiful setting…sometimes less is more.

We hope this is helpful for you. Feel free to get in touch anytime for more help or advice.